FIAMM Cabinet 620V-90KWh |

Cabinet System

+ 620 VDC Battery System for Energy Storage

+ Suitable for On-Grid and Off-Grid applications

    as well as Micro-Grid

+ Solution up to 4 ST523 battery modules

+ 100% maintenance free in operation

+ System does not need to shut down to replace energy

     modules (increased uptime, system remains in operation)


+ Load Levelling

+ Power Quality

+ Renewable Resource Optimization

+ Utility Grid Ancillary Services


+ Zero ambient emission

+ No hazardous components

+ Redundant safety features (chemistry, cell,

    battery module and BMS)


+ Scalable with parallel operation (up to 6

cabinets or 24 battery modules)

+ Compact footprint: high energy density and


+ Compatible with DC power supply and

     Bidirectional inverters

+ Front side access to batteries

Flexibility of installation

+ Indoor installation

+ Range of operating temperature in standard

    conditions: -20°C to 40°C