ST108V-48V-7.7KWh | باتریهای نمکی برای ذخیره انرژی خورشیدی با کاربردهای مسکونی

Residential Storage Application

+ Buildings with presence of renewable generation

+ Suitable for weak grid with frequent power interruption

   (back up supply)

Key Benefits

+ Increase of own-consumption

+ Higher energy independency

+ Improvement of peak power management without extension of grid power connection

Technical features for Residential Application

+ 48V sodium nickel chloride battery, specifically designed

    for residential storage application

+ 48V for highest electrical safety

+ Ideal for residential rate of discharge (5 to 12 hours)

+ No cooling system required

+ 100% maintenance free in operation

+ Allows remote monitoring


+ Zero ambient emission

+ 100% recyclable

+ No hazardous components: intrinsically safe chemistry

+ Robust structure: safe from any physical damage


+ Light and compact solution (high energy density)

+ Scalable with parallel operation

+ Compatible with DC power supply and bidirectional


Flexibility of installation

+ Suitable for any internal place of installation (IP55)

+ Temperature: constant performance at -20°to +60°C