ST523/620V-23.5KWh | باتریهای نمکی برای ذخیره انرژی در نیروگاههای خورشیدی و بادی با توان خیلی بالا

 Battery technical features


+Use of sodium and nickel as active materials with solid

     ceramic electrolyte

+No memory effect

+ Specific energy: 70% lighter and 30% smaller than

     conventional batteries

+ Battery outside temperature only few degrees above

     the ambient temperature

+ Steel cell case and double stainless steel battery case

+ Integrated battery monitoring system (BMS) for

     monitoring, diagnostics and data logging

 + User interface on front panel


 + Zero ambient emission

 +100% recyclable

+ No hazardous components: intrinsically safe chemistry

+ Robust structure: safe from any physical damage


+ Light and compact solution (high energy density) 620V-23.5KWH

+ Scalable with parallel operation

+ Compatible with DC power supply and bidirectional inverters

Flexibility of installation

+ Suitable for any place of installation (IP55)

+ Temperature: constant performance at -20°C to +60°C



+ Load Levelling

+ Power Quality

+ Renewable Resource Optimization

+ Utility Grid Ancillary Services

+ Micro grid